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In this video I share a way to visualize how many positions there are on a Rubik’s Cube. I came up with this idea. Let me know what you think! This may be the first episode in a series.

Here’s the math:
Paper Thickness 0.01 cm
Total Stack Size 4.30E+017 cm
Total Stack Size 4.30E+015 m
Total Stack Size 4300000000000 km
1 AU 149598000 km
Distance to Pluto 5,906,376,272 km
Distance to Pluto 39.500 AU
Length of Stack in AU 28743.7 AU
Number of Stacks… 727.69

I used the Distance from Pluto to the Sun, because over the course of a couple years, that would be the average distance from the earth to Pluto as well.

It’s 728 stacks where the last stack isn’t a full stack spanning the distance between earth and Pluto. My instagram: