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In this video I show how to do the Spiral Pattern. Algorithms below:

Spiral Pattern was first made by David Gilday:

3x3s used in video: YangCong Mei Ying (They’re awesome!
13×13 used:

3×3 Spiral Pattern: L’ B’ D U R U’ R’ D2 R2 D L D’ L’ R’ F U

Rotate 2 Opposite Corners: R2 [ (R’ D R D’ R’ D R ) U’ ( R’ D’ R D R’ D’ R) U ] R2

3 cycle 1st: FR [ (L F’ L’) S’ (L F L’) S] R’ F’
3 cycle 2nd: FR [ S’ (L F’ L’) S (L F L’)] R’ F’

Flip 2 edges: M’ U M’ U M’ U2 M U M U M U2

Switching centers or flower pattern: E M E’ M

Typical center drawing goes: M E M’ E’ I kept saying move down, protect to the right, undo back up, undo back left.

Rotate centers 90: (M E M’) U* ( M E’ M’) U**
Rotate center 180: (U R L U2 R’ L’)x2

Don’t know what E M or S are? Find out here:

* Either Clockwise or Counter Clockwise depending on which way the left center needs to turn
** Opposite of *

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