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In this video I solve the Fisher Twist Cube by Eitan. Buy one here:
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In this video I unbox and give my first impressions on Eitan’s Twist and Eitan’s Fisher Twist cubes.

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In this video I show how to make a Rubik’s Cube Maraca / Rattle for my 9 month old son!
I’d recommend using a Dayan ZhanChi (more…)

In this video I unbox, talk about, and solve the Evgeniy Curvy Dino Cube from Calvin’s Puzzle.
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In this video I show the Gear Barrel!
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In this video I show, talk about, and solve the Metalized Egg 3x3s from Mefferts. (more…)

In this Cube Theory 101 video I explain Conjugates, Setup Moves and show how to easily create the Cube in a Cube pattern without using (more…)

Checkout Noah on Cubing World:
In this video I race 2 time US National champion in Blindfold 3×3 Noah Arthurs! (more…)

I show how to make a heart pattern on the 13×13 and how it can easily be applied to the 7×7 or above. I’m (more…)

These puzzles will be available here:
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