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Star time-lapses in Red Rock Canyon State Park in CA.

A buddy and I went to visit the somewhat nearby Red Rock Canyon State Park in CA. We didn’t see the road until the sun went down. :( The flashing in the moving timelapse was caused by the headlights of cars miles away.

This video also is the debut for my DIY Time-Lapse slider. It was made by my father, brother and me. Sadly the camera that was on the dolly stopped halfway through the the slide because it ran out of memory! UHGG!

My goal is to go out once every month of this year to take some star time-lapses in cool locations.

I borrowed my brothers Canon t3i to have 2 cameras shooting. I also used my iPhone for the Driving Time-Lapse and also the sunset shadows time-lapse.

Music: Silence Await By: CDK