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In this video I show how to solve the Curvy Copter and Helicopter Cube WITHOUT Jumbling.

Here is the tutorial on how to solve these puzzles WITH jumbling:

Note on notation. Although edges are defined by two faces and would usually require notation with two sides for each move, (e.g. UF UR UB UL), I chose to simplify it to only one letter. This is because all my algorithms are on the U face. So the U seemed pretty redundant. Also J stands for Jumble. JR means Use the UR edge and FL edge for jumbling. JL means use the UL edge and FR edge for jumbling.


1. Permute Corners: R L B L B R B L B L

2. Orient Corners – Curvy Copter: (F R B L) x6

3. Orient Corners – Helicopter Cube: (F R B L) x3

4. Helicopter Parity: JR JL F

Tips for advanced cubers:

1. If you reverse the orient corners alg, the corners will twist in the opposite direction. So for the curvy copter, instead of twisting the three corners counter-clockwise it would twist them clockwise. Here’s the reversed alg: (L B R F) x6 or x3.

2. If you mirror the Permute corners alg, and you hold the corner that doesn’t need to move in the Top Front Right position. The other three corners will cycle in the opposite direction. The mirrored alg is : L R B R B L B R B R