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Do you guys like this series? What is the next nemesis you want to see?
Bandaged Cube by Nathan Wilson:

In this series I attempt to solve puzzles that have haunted me for years. While trying to solve the puzzle I hope to show some of the process of solving a twisty puzzle without help. In this video I start with the Mefferts Bandaged Cube. This bandaged Cube came from Nathan Wilson on YouTube! Check him out if you haven’t!

Algorithms I came up with:
1: R U2 L F U’ F’ U2 R’ U F U F’ L’ U’ – Cycles: DRF → ULB → ULF ↴
2. U F R’ F’ R U2 L’ U’ L F U’ F’ U’ – Cycles: DRF → DLF → URB ↴

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