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While observing Jupiter I witnessed what I believe is an earth satellite flying across the face of Jupiter. I measured the UFO to be 7.6 arcseconds. It was around 7:24pm PST Feb 16, 2015. Using I could not figure out what satellite it would have been. I asked Phil Plait ‏aka the BadAstronomer if he thought it was a satellite, he replied: “Seems big for that. Might be something terrestrial; balloon, or something like that. But I don’t know.” Any help in figuring out what object was is highly appreciated!

Shooting at 30fps it took about 10 frames to travel across the face of Jupiter which had a diameter of about 44″, so it was traveling about 132 arcseconds/sec

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Celestron G8 Telescope and Mount with dual axis motors for tracking.
Video with Canon T3i at prime focus in Digital x10 video mode, ISO 100, WB-Daylight
30s of the video was stacked in RegiStax