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I headed out to Big Sur to watch the Geminid Meteor shower of 2012!
I experimented with two things for this video. Persistent Meteors and dimmed Star Trails.

In the second sequence I really wanted to have persistent meteors. It was very labor intensive to get the shooting stars to linger. Basically I had to cut each meteor out and then have that be on a higher track. Then have that track fade out. (I hope that made sense!)

I used Star Trails in the first and third sequence because that is much less labor intensive way to show meteors and have them persist.

I developed a new method for making star trails. In normal star trails, the trails are bright and cause the image to lose detail in both the stars and the Milky Way. In my new technique, I’ve made it so the trail is dimmer and the original frame is more pronounced so that there is still detail in both the stars and Milky Way.

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Where should I go for my next trip?