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In this video I solve the Geared Mixup Cube. It was invented by Oskar van Deventer.
In this video I also talk about how Cubing has changed in the last 10 years or so. Then I talk a bit about my hobby of time-lapse.

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How I solve the Geared Mixup.
1. I solve the corners like a 2×2
2. I put the centers in their position. I use algorithm 1 with setup moves
3. I put the edges in their position. I use algorithm 1 with setup moves
4. I rotate the edges twisted 90 degrees. I use algorithm 2 (sometimes with setup moves)
5. I rotate the edges twisted 180 degrees. I use algorithms 3, 4, 5, and 6

Algorithms used:
1. (R4 U R4U’)x3 — Main Algorithm needed. Switches F center with B center and FR edge with BL edge. It also rotates the U center 90 and the bottom center 90′
2. B 1 B’ 1 B 1 x2 z’ L2 B’ 1 B L2′ — Where 1 is Algorithm number 1. This rotates LU and LD edges 90
3. (R2 U2)x3 — Flips 4 edges on F and 4 edges on B
4. (R2 U2)x3 U (R2 U2)x3 U’ — Flips 4 edges on U
5. F (R2 U2 F2)x4 F’ — Flips UR and DL edges
6. (R U) x 105 — Flips all edges except DL edge

I’m not sure if anyone will read this far, but something I forgot to mention was I remember a thread on the old Yahoo group about how fast cubers could possibly get. People were saying 15 seconds was the limit. Others said 10 seconds. No one predicted faster than that! I found the old thread here: My instagram: