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I headed out to Death Valley to take some Time-Lapse. Unfortunately I arrived as the sun was setting and had to scramble to set up. I’d like to go back and find a better spot for time-lapse. The goal for this trip was to try some panning and tracking time-lapse. I wanted to get a panning time-lapse that tracked the constellation Orion. Unfortunately that sequence didn’t turn out very well because I messed up the settings on that one. (That’s the very fast sequence at 0:33.)

On the last sequence (0:35) I had my camera piggybacking my telescope while it was tracking the sky. This let me take longer than usual exposures without star trails. The exposures were 40 seconds instead of 20.

I couldn’t believe how many satellites were flying around at the end!

I’m happy the cool part of the Milky Way is starting to make an appearance again!

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