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Thanks everyone who asked a question. Sorry I couldn’t answer them all. :)

In this video I solve the CrazyPill by CrazyBadCuber while answering questions you asked on facebook.

My solution is probably a bit different then how many others would solve. It’s not very efficient but you don’t need to worry about remembering color orientations.

I solve it in 9 steps:
1. Top and Bottom Centers (0:54)
2. Top Side (First Corners then 3 Edge Pairs) (1:18 for corners) (1:49 for edges)
3. Bottom Corners (2:43)
4. Bottom Center Orientation (3:16)
5. Bottom Edges and last Top edge pair (3:42)
6. Middle Layers Outer Edges (5:02)
7. Middle Layers Inner Edges (6:03)
8. Outer Centers (7:11)
9. Inner Centers (10:20)
10. SOLVED (14:42)
For step 1 you don’t need to worry about the sticker orientation. You just need to find the tall centers and put them next to each other.

For step 2 you build the top side around the centers you just placed. Pretty easy. Leave one edge for a keyhole in step 5 (I solve it on the F and L side)

Step 3 just requires 3×3 corner’s first or LL algs. (I solve this on the F and R side)

Step 4 just requires 3×3 super cube algs.

Step 5 is done with a key hole method (The top is on R the bottom is on L)

For step 6 I first pair a single outer edge pair using intuition. Putting the solved edge pair in the BD position I use this alg: r U2 r’ U2 to cycle the other outer edges. Then I use the 4×4 edge flipping parity algorithm either once or twice to finish the edges.

Step 7 is just like Step 6 except for it’s the inner middle layer edges.

For step 8 I use a 3 cycle alg I found for the 4x4x5: r2 u r2 u’ R2 u r2 u’ (Rr)2 Using it’s mirror and setup moves You can solve all of the outer centers

For step 9 I use a 3 cycle I learned for the 4×4 over 10 years ago. It is: r’ D l D’ r D l’ D’ You can mirror it both with r and l and with D and D’.