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In this video I talk about commutators and why they are so useful in coming up with your own algorithms.

Commutators are algorithm that follow the form of a b a’ b’ where a and b are both sub algorithms, and a’ and b’ are the inverse of a and b. The only pieces affected by the commutator algorithm will be pieces that intersect between the 2 sub algorithms.

Usually you will want to keep the pieces that intersect to a minimum so that most of the puzzle will remain unaffected by the algorithm.

Main commutators used in this video:
Corner Cycle:
1: (R’ D’ R)
2: U’
1′: (R’ D R)
2′: U

Corner Twist:
1: (R’ D R D’ R’ D R)
2: U’
1′: (R’ D’ R D R’ D’ R)
2′: U

Edge Cycle:
1: (F R’ F’)
2: M
1′: (F R F’)
2′: M’

Edge Flip:
1: (U’ R’ U R F R’ F’)
2: M
1′: (F R F’ R’ U’ R U)
2′: M’

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