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I headed out to the windswept Trona Pinnacles with my dad on Father’s day. It was sweltering at 115°F. Using 2 cameras I captured another telescope point of view time-lapse. This time I had one camera time-lapsing using an equivalent 26mm lens while the other time-lapsing simultaneously at prime focus of my c11 telescope at 2800mm. More info below:

Most of the objects in this video in order:
M51 Whirlpool Galaxy
M13 Great Glob in Hercules
M11 Open Cluster
M17 Swan Nebula
M20 Trifid Nebula
M8 Lagoon Nebula
Ghost of Jupiter NGC 3242
M51 Whirlpool
M63 Sunflower Galaxy
M9? Glob
M57 Ring Nebula
M31 Andromeda Galaxy
M27 Dumbbell Nebula
M31 Andromeda Galaxy
M8 Lagoon Nebula

Piggyback time-lapse:
Canon t3i: 50s @ ISO1600
Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 @ 17mm & F2.8

Prime Focus Time-lapse:
Canon 6D: 50s @ ISO5000
Celestron C11 2800mm F10
Celestron CGE Mount

**Music credit is incorrect. It should read:
Music: Ticker
By: Silent Partner