That's me!

That’s me!

Hi, my name is Kenneth! I like to make YouTube videos.  I am a man of many hobbies!  One of my biggest is the Rubik’s Cube!  I solved my first Rubik’s Cube in 2001 and I got totally addicted!  I went to the 2003 Rubik’s Cube World Championships and got 25th place!  I started making YouTube videos because I couldn’t find any quality videos on the Rubik’s Cube.

I’ve always thought Time-Lapse was cool, but it wasn’t until I saw Uncage the Soul’s “Finding Oregon” that I realized how awesome it could be.  So in 2012 I made a new year’s resolution to go out each month and take some time-lapse of some dark sky.  Now I can’t stop planning future trips! It’s too much fun sleeping under the stars!


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