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To clarify:
There is only one Annotation.
It could be hidden in any one of the 70 videos in the playlist.
The Annotation will not be in this video.
The Annotation will not be in any of my Interactive Videos.
The Annotation will only be up for 2 seconds.
It’s supposed to be hard.
It starts on August 10th 2011 at 10 AM PST

Here is why I wanted to do a giveaway like this. First I wanted to do something different and new. Second people really seemed to like finding the hidden annotation in my interactive collection video. Third I wanted to make it easy to try and win, but hard to win at the same time. It will either take luck, dedication, or a combination of both to win.

I said the wrong day in the video. So I edited it an re uploaded it. Sorry to the 120 of you who watched the wrong one!

Contest Starts Wednesday August,10th 2011 at 10 am PST.

Playlist Link:

Good Luck!! My instagram: