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I have two channels: REDKB (Puzzles) and KennethBrandon (Time-Lapse)

Some of My Favorite Videos


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3D Printing Puzzles and More!

Posted on Nov 19 by

I got a 3d printer!! So much fun! It’s a Creality 3d CR-10. I bought it on sale at gear best for $359.11 here: You can also find them on amazon...


Ivy Cube – Kid’s Review

Posted on Nov 12 by

I bought this here: In this video I let my son play with the Ivy Cube. Here’s the camera and sound equipment I’m using:...


Cube Collection – 2017

Posted on Nov 5 by

See my collection on Snupps: Join my Cubers group: Download the app: Thanks to Snupps for sponsoring...


2x2x6 Unboxing – Fail

Posted on Oct 29 by

Well that didn’t work as well as I had hoped! If you still want one I bought mine on amazon here: Here’s the camera and sound equipment...