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I have two channels: REDKB (Puzzles) and KennethBrandon (Time-Lapse)

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3x3x7 Solve – Walkthrough

Posted on Jan 29 by

You can buy one here: In this video I show a solve of the 3x3x7 cuboid. The fully functional and proportional 3x3x7 by WitEden is becoming one of my...


3x3x7 from WitEden

Posted on Jan 15 by

Buy one here: In this video I show the WitEden 3x3x7. I got it as a gift for Christmas. It’s a fun puzzle! Thanks Mom! Here’s the camera...


Christmas Tree Pattern

Posted on Dec 18 by

In this video I show how to make a Christmas Tree pattern on a 13x13x13. If you try to make a pattern like this I’d love to see it! Here’s where I got my 13x13x13:...


Rubik’s Futuro Cube 2016

Posted on Dec 4 by

First 30 people to use Promo Code RedKB16 get 15% off here: Fill out the Futuro Cube survey for a chance to win a Rubik’s Futuro Cube:...