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I have two channels: REDKB (Puzzles) and KennethBrandon (Time-Lapse)

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Top 5 Easiest Puzzles to Solve

Posted on Jun 4 by

Here are the 5 easiest puzzles to solve! I’m sure you can solve these! You can buy these here: 5: Pyraminx: 4: Gear Cube: 3:...


Top 10 Hardest Cubes to Solve

Posted on May 21 by

Let me know your nemesis puzzle in the comments! In this video I show my top 10 hardest cubes I’ve tried solving! Some of these I’ve found my own solutions for,...


Mother’s Day Pattern!

Posted on May 14 by

Checkout the heart pattern tutorial: Here’s the camera and sound equipment I’m using: Follow Me on...


Ultra Rare Dogic Puzzles!!

Posted on Apr 2 by

Be sure to follow me on Instagram! In this video I show probably the rarest and most valuable puzzles I own, the Dogics! I probably prefer the 12...