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I have two channels: REDKB (Puzzles) and KennethBrandon (Time-Lapse)

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Eitan’s TriCube – First Thoughts

Posted on Feb 4 by

You can buy a TriCube here: Follow me on Instagram: In this video I unbox, play, and try to solve Eitan’s TriCube. Check...


Top 5 Deceptively Easy Puzzles

Posted on Jan 28 by

Have a look at Brilliant (and get 20% off) here: Any puzzles I missed for this list? In this video I look at puzzles that seem hard but are actually...


Bagua Cube Solve

Posted on Jan 21 by

Be sure to follow along on instagram! I bought the t-shirt from: In this video I solve a Bagua Cube and talk about what...


Cubic 2x2x16 – NK Cubed

Posted on Jan 14 by

Follow me on instagram! NK Cubed’s channel: 2x2x16 could be commissioned by:...


Bagua Cube

Posted on Jan 7 by

I wonder if I can solve this one? Follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes: Bagua on HKNowStore: <a href="" ...