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I have two channels: REDKB (Puzzles) and KennethBrandon (Time-Lapse)

Some of My Favorite Videos


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Huge Magnetic Set – Extremely Rare

Posted on Mar 4 by

In this video I show my extremely rare Plastwood Geomag 1450 Collectors Edition. This exact set is no longer for sale and this size of magnetic rod is now really hard to find. I...


Eitan’s TriCube – First Thoughts

Posted on Feb 4 by

You can buy a TriCube here: Follow me on Instagram: In this video I unbox, play, and try to solve Eitan’s TriCube. Check...


Top 5 Deceptively Easy Puzzles

Posted on Jan 28 by

Have a look at Brilliant (and get 20% off) here: Any puzzles I missed for this list? In this video I look at puzzles that seem hard but are actually...


Bagua Cube Solve

Posted on Jan 21 by

Be sure to follow along on instagram! I bought the t-shirt from: In this video I solve a Bagua Cube and talk about what...


Cubic 2x2x16 – NK Cubed

Posted on Jan 14 by

Follow me on instagram! NK Cubed’s channel: 2x2x16 could be commissioned by:...